October 20, 2020

Cars that do not lose name

Since the beginning of the time, people are used to travel in different places through riding on animals like horse and elephants. The innovations make us travel faster and safer to get from one place to another. Before, when people are going to other places with their bare foot for example from Denver to Washington, it will take them more than 5 days and even when you ride a horse that will be 2 and a half days for you to take there. There is no way to travel across the country until a one man created the ultimate invention of automobile.

Nicholas Joseph is the man behind this amazing invention of automobile that contributes a great impact in the life of people before and up until today. He designed the first ever automobile in the history to use as a transportation. He created the steam-powered vehicle as the first car in the world. Until it was revised in a new carriage to improve the speed and tools of the automobile.

As time passed by, this automobile was developed through using the first gas-powered engine. Isaac de Rivas is the one who discover and invented the mixture of combustion engine and hydrogen as a fuel of his invented vehicle. Until the first engine was invented to use gasoline. And now, automobile are being well- developed by the use of the technologies, it was well designed and improved with a lot of responsibility and action. This car gives us a big help in making our life easier.

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